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Give Your Meals an Edge by Utilizing a Local Butcher

Many people have forgotten the advantages that a neighborhood butcher brings to the table. However, there is no mistaking the distinct asset a butcher can provide.

>Quality- Customers are able to obtain high quality meat and seafood that is prepared the old fashioned way. Fresh meat at the butcher shop is all-natural and doesn’t contain additives like pink slime. They are not a big box retail grocery store, and you will be able to taste the difference.

>Variety-Butcher shops are able to provide wider assortment of products to their customers. They typically have a full spectrum of options available from specialty steaks, whole pigs, octopus, alligator and more. A majority of the time you can find house made items like sausages as well.

>Expertise-The best thing about purchasing your items from a local butcher is that they know their meats. If you want to smoke a whole pig but have no idea how, they can give you some guidance. They take pride in what they do and are passionate about it, so you benefit from the knowledge!

>Customization-Meat markets will typically cut your meat to order for free. They will wrap it for you any way that you want. No more buying everything pre-packaged at the grocer. Additionally, they are usually able to order anything they may not have on hand for a truly individual experience.

>Local-Butchers source their meat from a variety of local sources. And when you buy from a local butcher you are supporting a small local business in your own neighborhood, not a corporate office miles away.

The next time you are going to buy your weekly groceries, consider going to your local meat market and taste the difference.

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